Custom displays, tablet, embedded computing, and IoT Solutions


Why Vantron?



   · We bring to the table nearly 20 years of experience in custom embedded products

   · We are your one-stop shop from design to manufacturing, as well as application software service and cloud connectivity

   · We serve clients in a wide variety of industries, including Fortune 500 companies

   · We have a seasoned team of engineers and dedicated project managers to achieve your goals


- Customization

   · Our strength is in providing cost-effective products with a high degree of customization with low upfront barrier

   · Our engagement philosophy focuses on developing a long-term, win-win relationship with every customer

   · We emphasize confidentiality in every project to keep your products and ideas safe


- Service & Quality

   · Emphasis on engineering excellence and design-for-manufacturing mentality assures product quality and reliability

   · Dedicated project manager for each customer ensures timely response during all phases of customer engagement

   · We provide warranty terms that meet or exceed industry standard


- Competitive Pricing

   · Experience and seasoned team of engineers allows us to be highly competitive in product pricing

   · Our focus on long-term win-win with our customers results in low upfront cost which is a key consideration for many of our clients

   · We can also provide flexible payment terms, as well as stocking and distribution to fit your needs

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