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BlueSphere MDM provides real-time management and enhanced security for your Android mobile devices.

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What is BlueSphere MDM?

BlueSphere MDM is a centralized management platform specifically designed for Android mobile devices. It streamlines Android device deployment and management, with a focus on enhancing productivity while ensuring data security.
Swift Device Onboarding
Quickly register devices in bulk for management.
Mass Device Online Upgrades
Automatically upgrade apps or firmware for devices in bulk, with flexible scheduling options.
Easy-to-Use User Interface
A simple and intuitive dashboard provides general device information for the entire organization.
Centralized Device Management & Maintenance
Monitor, manage and troubleshoot devices remotely with ease.
BlueSphere MDM Empowers Businesses to Efficiently Manage Android Devices
The featured zero-touch device enrollment enables quick provisioning of thousands of devices, while also allowing for remote configuration adjustments via versatile settings templates. This offers a simple yet effective solution for device management.
Devices can be locked into kiosk mode to limit access solely to features and applications relevant to your organization's operations and business objectives. It will be a cinch to manage diverse device groups.
Once provisioned, devices can be monitored and managed across all environments. Organizations will benefit greatly from such features as centralized control, individualized lockdown, and remote upgrade and maintenance capabilities. With everything at your fingertips, managing your devices has never been easier.
Applications dedicated to specific device groups can be securely uploaded to the platform for batch installation, upgrade, or removal. The blacklist/whitelist feature allows organizations to disable unnecessary programs. Furthermore, files uploaded to the platform can be distributed to designated devices, streamlining device management for enhanced efficiency.
By uploading upgrade packages and setting up upgrade policies, organizations can seamlessly upgrade selected devices, eliminating the need for manual configuration. With just a few clicks, mass device upgrades can be effortlessly scheduled and executed.
Zero-touch enrollment
BlueSphere MDM Agent installed before device shipment
Batch import of device SN/IMEI to BlueSphere MDM platform
Device startup & Wi-Fi connection
Enrollment completed
BlueSphere MDM VS Traditional IoT Solutions
BlueSphere MDM
Traditional IoT Solutions
Device Management
Compatible With 99% of Android Versions
Batch Upgrade of Apps and Firmware at Scheduled Time (OTA)
Device Log View, Remote Troubleshooting
Kiosk Lockdown
Mandatory App Installation/Removal
Disabling of Unnecessary Apps
Zero-touch Bulk Enrollment Without GMS Certification
Automatic Execution of Workflows Sequenced by Time
App Configuration Custody, Including App Whitelisting
Secure Visit of Specific Web Pages and Contents
Adaptability to Accelerated Development of Ad-hoc Android Hardware Environment
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