Smart Retail Solutions

By virtue of technologies, the smart retail industry will provide more personalized and intelligent services, and enterprises can greatly improve the operational efficiency and enhance the shopping experience of consumers.

Improving Operational Efficiency and Consumer Experience

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Manage devices with BlueSphere MDM

Manage devices with BlueSphere MDM

Add your devices to BlueSphere MDM for easy and unified management
Kiosk lockdown to display information based on needs
Upgrade devices at once or at scheduled time
Download applications for selected devices

Why Choose Vantron Smart Restaurant Solution?

Enterprises need to reinvent customer experience with bold ideas. Vantron offers technical solutions to respond to specific industry requirements, and enterprises can therefore re-define visions and create product roadmaps to refresh consumer experience.
High standards on durability and hygiene
Enterprises can choose devices with explosion-proof, anti-bacterial glass to ensure user safety.
Devices are protected by a robust water-proof, dust-proof and vandal-proof housing.
Dedicated products for different scenarios
Vantron provides displays covering all dimensions ranging from 5 inches to 55 inches.
Products include handheld devices, desktop cash registers, all-in-one touch monitors, digital kiosks, wall-mounted screens, etc.
System customization for retail industry users
Vantron provides full-stack development services covering drivers, frameworks and applications, and allows data integration across different operating systems.
Consumer preferences are recorded for adjustment of marketing strategies and revenue growth.
Centralized management and maintenance of devices
BlueSphere MDM enables remote troubleshooting and device recovery without sending people onsite.
Kiosk lockdown of the mobile devices effectively lowers human costs and improves consumer experience.
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Vantron’s one-stop service addresses all complex requests.
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