Smart Fitness Solution

With the rise of Internet of Things technology, the sports and fitness industry has entered the "Internet +" era. At this stage, China's fitness industry is in a period of rapid growth in which technology promotes the development and upgrading of the industry.

Make fitness facilities informatized, intelligent, and convenient, promote national sports, and realize national fitness

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Smart Sensing Device
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Make device control more convenient and make sports no longer boring

With the development of Internet of Things technology, display technology and intelligent systems, fitness equipment has gradually transformed from traditional LED digital display and button control to provide a better human-computer interaction experience with a more intelligent touch display. Vantron provides touch display screens with various sizes, brightness and resolutions, supports multiple physical communication interfaces and wireless communication methods, and flexibly connects to different types of fitness equipment.

Use BlueSphere to view sports data in real time

Vantron BlueSphere cloud can transform fitness equipment into terminal equipment, and cooperate with other smart terminals to build a healthy ecology with user data as the core. Support access to other health detection devices, help users track and count sports data, and send the data to the device cloud in packages. Users can view their own exercise data through the display terminal (mobile phone, tablet, computer, management platform, etc.), and provide personalized health intervention plans based on the data results.

Why choose Vantron Smart Fitness Solution?

Advanced fitness smart equipment and mature smart fitness services promote the transformation of the fitness industry
Fitness places have high requirements for equipment safety
Add a supercapacitor or power storage unit. After the power supply detects an abnormality, it will trigger an abnormal power-off process. The supercapacitor or power storage unit will supply power to realize user data storage and complete the necessary shutdown process.
The device adopts a fully reinforced design, waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof, which can protect the screen from damage in extreme environments.
Perfect development capability, flexible access to different types of equipment
Possess Android system and application development capabilities, as well as Linux and Qt development capabilities, and flexibly respond to the needs of different ecological models
Support multiple physical communication interfaces and wireless communication methods, WiFi and Bluetooth become standard configurations
Centralized management and configuration of devices in the background
The BlueSphere MDM mobile device management platform independently developed by Vantron can realize remote device management and operation and maintenance
Support Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification of Android software, which is convenient for downloading management applications from Google Play and using Google related services
Compatible with the fixed shape design of fitness brands
Provide the whole machine design, also provide open design and installation scheme, flexibly match the customer's whole machine design
In addition to the structural design of the whole machine, it also provides VESA installation method
Vantron’s one-stop service addresses all complex requests.
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