Smart Water Solutions

As my country's urbanization continues to advance, the number of high-rise buildings and residential density are gradually increasing, and the original water pressure cannot meet the water supply demand, and secondary water supply methods have emerged as the times require.

Realize the comprehensive perception of the water system and maintain the overall water supply security

Real-time data reporting
Reduce input costs
Improve operation and maintenance efficiency
Reduce leakage and metering loss
Current Industry Pain Points
Our customers have raised many pain points that need to be solved urgently in the current industry, let's hear their thoughts first
The smart water industry is still in the initial stage of development, and the market is relatively fragmented. All kinds of professional business application systems that have been established at present, due to the widespread information "islands" and poor information interconnection and intercommunication involved in department management, it is difficult to achieve information sharing.
Customer A
Inadequate water quality monitoring for secondary water supply is extremely likely to cause secondary pollution, bringing about problems such as germs, red worms, and heavy metals. During the water supply process, when equipment leakage or outage occurs, the cost of on-site operation and maintenance is high and time-consuming.
Customer B
The production and distribution process of water is intricate, relying on human operation will bring a lot of inconvenience and difficulties. How to reduce the failure rate of equipment, ensure the stability and continuity of water supply, and how to reduce the energy consumption of secondary pressurization equipment are all problems that we need to solve urgently.
Customer C

Increase the reliability of water supply equipment and provide high-quality drinking water

Vantron edge computing solution uses the concept, model and technology of edge computing to integrate urban water supply equipment, information systems and business processes to provide residents with safe and high-quality drinking water in an efficient and reliable manner. The solution involves system-wide water quality monitoring, combining physical data and data collected by analysis models to identify changes in water quality, track water quality problems, improve overall water supply safety, and increase the reliability of water supply equipment.

Vantron's Industrial Embedded Boards

Fast, secure and stable data upload to the master controller
Receive and execute control commands from the master controller
Remote OTA updates

Vantron's Edge Computing Gateways

Highly reliable, uninterrupted network access
Compatible with many mainstream industrial real-time Ethernet protocols and bus protocols
Support edge computing and custom development to achieve seamless communication with the master PLC
High performance and stability in harsh environments

Real-time monitoring and automatic diagnosis to ensure water safety

Through edge computing, the secondary water supply vertical business of smart water affairs is empowered, and intelligent technologies such as advanced sensing technology, network technology, computing technology, and control technology are used to comprehensively monitor and track the equipment in the secondary water supply system, and realize large-scale communication among multiple devices. Range, large-capacity data interaction, so as to control the whole process, realize automatic fault diagnosis, predictable maintenance, reduce energy consumption, and ensure water safety.
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