The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of connected smart devices that provide rich data. In this network, some devices transmit data, some collect data, and others process and analyze data. Therefore, device communication is involved in such processes. IoT devices communicate to each other through a range of communication standards and protocols. Considering factors such as cost, power consumption, communication distance, and communication security, we cannot count on an all-purpose solution to address the diversified needs of different scenarios. An optimal solution shall be based on the real needs and communication requirements. Combining wired and wireless communication technologies, Vantron industrial routers and intelligent edge computing gateways enable communication with different industrial systems in real time to complete data collection, transmission and analysis. As a result, information of target endpoints will be acquired for remote control. Above all, such products feature high stability to support reconnection, recovery from abnormality, multi-channel failover, system self-monitoring to keep the connected devices online. Vantron mobile communication terminals are 5”-15” HD touch displays that are characterized by high expansibility and high computing performance. These touch displays support a wide selection of wired and wireless networking technologies to live up to the requirements of retailing, multimedia education, transportation, laboratories, libraries, etc.
Mobile PC
Vantron industrial tablets are designed for industrial users. Most of the electronic components meet industrial-grade requirements so as to get adapt to complex application scenarios. This product family features high performance, low power consumption, e
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Edge Computing Gateway
Vantron made its debut in IoT industry in 2010. Now it boasts a complete IoT gateway product family. Be it ARM or X86, industrial grade or commercial grade, Vantron always offers an optimal solution that suits your situation. Vantron edge computing gatewa
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Industrial Router
Vantron R102 industrial router features multi-level routing management, high reliability, excellent cost performance and fast networking deployment, making it very easy to manage. R102 is especially suitable for large-scale distributed networking in intel
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