With the development of computer technology, communication technology and control technology, traditional control industry is undergoing an unprecedented change to be more networking-based. At the same time, the entire network becomes more and more sophisticated in terms of openness and interconnection, making the cooperation between control systems and various business systems more closely. As to IoT edge computing, Vantron single board computers offer more and more cost-effective solutions that are widely accepted by industrial IoT customers. With flexible configuration options, customers may select the functions required for the moment and expand as needed as the business grows. Designed for industrial users, Vantron human machine interfaces (HMIs) can be used in combination with Vantron SBCs or other control devices to offer excellent visual experience and human machine interactions so as to control the endpoints. Vantron industrial control boxes are designed for industrial control, capable of monitoring and controlling machines and equipment, production process, parameters, and data involved in the production process. Meanwhile, the boxes are highly expandable to connect to a large number of peripherals and various devices on industrial sites to complete different tasks.
Industrial Embedded Board
Intelligent upgrade and digital transformation of different industries require hardware to be more industry specific. In addition to the flexible design, industrial computer boards are highly reliable and customizable to fully meet the needs of enterprises based on their industry characteristics. Vantron offers X86- and ARM-based embedded computer boards, running on NXP, Ti, Rockchip, and Intel
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All-in-one Panel PC
Vantron open-frame human machine interfaces (HMIs) are designed for industrial application, especially for embedded installation in cabinets, walls or hosts. When combined with Vantron SBCs, control boxes, or other control devices, the HMIs can offer excellent visual experience and human machine interactions. Vantron offers HMIs that vary in size, definition and installation to meet up with the s
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Embedded Industrial Computer
Vantron provides multimedia control boxes for industrial control purposes. This product family is based on the latest Android operating system and powered by Rockchip new generation processor. Moreover, it provides different RAM and storage options for quick data access and large processing capacity. As the boxes provide rich interfaces, a wide choice of peripherals can be connected to help the cu
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