VantronOS is a response to the needs of modern industrial IoT, which, coupled with Vantron IoT gateways, builds the technical base of Vantron IoT platform and provides an intelligent operating system with integrated software and hardware for related IoT solutions. With self-developed system and functions, VantronOS employs a modular and widget design concept to support tailored development and deployment for customers in a quick manner. VantronOS could communicate with Vantron BlueSphere cloud platform and other third-party cloud platforms like Azure, Ali cloud, Huawei cloud, and RootCloud to realize the cloud-based management of industrial IoT devices and the interaction of such devices with users.

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Vantron OS
XOS is developed by Vantron team based on Linux and embedded hardware, using modular design and plug-in expansion design ideas to realize independent development of system and function.

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