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Vantron launched industry-specific gateways to meet the needs of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and industrial IoT applications in certain industries, such as IoT communication and application, intelligent street lighting, etc. The gateway supports edge computing to achieve data optimization at IoT edge nodes, which reduces the data volume accumulated in the field and the central console. With standard MQTT protocol, the gateway provides a broad access to industrial data platforms to facilitate the digital transformation of factories.

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Features & Advantages

◆  ARM Cortex-A53, quad core, 1.6GHz 

◆  2 x SFP, 10 x RJ45 Ethernet port

◆  Sufficient interfaces

◆  Local edge computing supported

◆  Wide input voltage range

◆  Industrial-grade design

Full-functional Edge Computing Gateway
Features & Advantages

◆  TI, AM335x, ARM Cortex-A8, 32‑Bit, 1GHz

◆  Low-consumption, high-cost performance

◆  Ample industrial interfaces

◆  Wide input voltage range

◆  Wired and wireless network accesses

◆  Multiple industrial protocols supported for communication withfield PLCs, etc.

◆  MQTT protocol supported to provide broad access to IoT cloud platforms

◆  Local edge computing supported

◆  C/C++/Python/Node-Red/Node JS supported

◆  Complete industrial design

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