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Vantron entry-level wireless router is designed for industrial IoT that combines dual SIM LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and virtual private network to meet diversified networking requirements. It applies a communication tactic that uses multiple channels with failover protocol, which together with the high-reliability watchdog maintains a secure and stable network access. As is compact in size, the router supports flexible installation options to meet the requirements of varying sites. Meanwhile it provides access to Vantron BlueSphere cloud platform for unified management.

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Features & Advantages

◆ LTE CAT M/1 /4 supported

◆ Two Ethernet interfaces rating 10/100Mbps

◆ Industrial design to adapt to rugged conditions

◆ Compact size and flexible installation for varying sites

◆ Compatible with BlueSphere cloud platform for unified management

◆ Dual SIM hot spot 

◆ Multi-channel failover to keep communication uninterrupted

◆ Multiple VPN functions 

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