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Vantron edge AI gateways are based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano core modules and NVIDIA GPUs to provide 472 GFLOPS to 11 TFLOPS AI computing power, which is compatible with all prevailing neural networks. Meanwhile, the gateways provide rich interfaces and expansion slots so that customers can make full use of the gateways‘ container deployment for seamless upgrade. This series is highly adaptable to extreme environment owing to its excellent performance in extended temperatures and vibration resistance.

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Features & Advantages

◆ NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier 

◆ Efficient fanless heat dissipation without frequency reduction

◆ IP50 protection

◆ Flexible expansion, multi-sensor access

◆ Video storage, AI analysis

◆ 10G high seismic resistance, stable system

◆ Deep learning acceleration

◆ Easy to maintain

◆ Quick upgrade

Features & Advantages

◆ NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX 

◆ Rich interfaces and high scalability

◆ IP50 protection

◆ NVIDIA NGC open eco-system

◆ High computing power

◆ Low power consumption

◆ Deep learning acceleration

◆ Flexible expansion

◆ Quick upgrade

Features & Advantages

◆ NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX

◆ Heat map analysis

◆ Facial recognition, behavior recognition

◆ Long lifetime

◆ Compact structure, easy to deploy

◆ IP50 protection against vibration

◆ Fanless embedded design, strong anti-interference performance 

◆ NVIDIA NGC open eco-system

◆ Local reasoning, excellent computing power

◆ Flexible expansion

◆ Easy to maintain

◆ Quick upgrade

Features & Advantages

◆ NVIDIA Jetson Nano

◆ Low consumption, high cost performance

◆ DC battery management module

◆ Compact integrated design

◆ Small size and flexible deployment

◆ IP4X protection, industrial grade lightning and static resistance

◆ High-efficiency direct-touch passive cooling design

◆ NVIDIA open eco-system and rich SDK

◆ Local reasoning, real-time response

◆ Real-time video capture, accurate and intelligent recognition

◆ High stability

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