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■ Industry Overview

Under traditional catering modes, the one-on-one customer service pattern is prevailing. However, with the evolution of innovative technology and the outbreak of COVID-19, catering enterprises are facing pressure from human cost and space cost. Most enterprises start to think about ways to lower cost and improve productivity via digital and intelligent means. Today, digital displays can be found everywhere in various dinning places, including digital advertising screens, self-ordering kiosks, digital menu boards, electronic menu displays, POS systems etc. Such smart catering modes meet the current consumption habits and reduce unnecessary contact with potential risks, and therefore keep personal safety.

The development of technology adds value to the catering industry, and the demands from this sector in turn drive the technology upgrade. In the future, the catering industry will facilitate the generation of more technology-enabled services to provide better dining experience for consumers.

■ Development Status

With long-term reform and development, today’s catering industry is at a new development stage. Market competition is also changing accordingly, with the following trends playing a dominant role:

Firstly, the development of catering brands has accelerated. The market competition now focuses more on corporate branding and cultural image than product price and quality.

Secondly, low-carbon catering becomes more and more prevalent. With China now advocates the development of low-carbon economy, the catering industry is now facing a comprehensive reform with low-carbon economy as the goal. “Green kitchen” is not new, and it is more of an environment protection measure than just one or more energy-saving devices.

Finally, the development of innovative catering modes and information technology is accelerating. The integration of systems such as electronic menu displays, digital menu boards, and unmanned pickup lockers provides a rational and complete solution for data statistics and menu upgrade. Catering enterprises can significantly reduce the delivery time and save management cost by virtue of information technology.

■ Pain points

·Information on food hygiene and safety lacks adequate disclosure so the consumers do not fully trust the providersimage.png

·There is no data statistics on consumer ordering, therefore enterprises are not able to upgrade the menu more accurately based on consumer preference

■ Prospects

·Great changes are taking place in traditional service models as promoted by the achievements of information technology

·Consumer experience is improved with services focusing on their needs

■ Summary of Solutions

Vantron smart touch monitors, ARM and X86 series, are equipped with Rockchip, NXP, MediaTek, Intel and other high-performance processors. The products support various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android. Diverse wireless communications keep your device online all the time. Multiple installation options make it suitable for a variety of application scenarios. The products are water-proof, dust-proof, shatter resistant, explosion resistant, and anti-bacterial so as to guarantee the best performance in any environment.

BlueSphere MDM is an intelligent management solution for deployment and management of single-purpose devices. With fast and convenient deployment of multiple devices, catering enterprises will be able to realize centralized management, single-device lockdown, remote upgrade and maintenance of such devices to reshape the user experience of enterprises and consumers.

Requests & Solutions


Public places have a high demand for the durability and hygiene of the devices

•Vantron can provide displays with explosion-proof and anti-bacterial glass based on different application scenarios and requirements to ensure the safety of the users.


Different scenarios may require different product dimensions

•Vantron provides displays covering all dimensions ranging from 5 inches to 55 inches to meet the requirements of users in different scenarios.

•Such displays can be applied to handheld mobile devices, desktop cash register, all-in-one touch monitors, digital kiosk, wall mount screens, etc.


There is need for custom system and data integration

•Vantron has rich experience in operating system development and supports system tailoring and driver transplant according to customer requirements. Be it a real-time operating system or complex Linux/Android system, Vantron provides full-stack development services covering drivers, frameworks and applications, and also provides integration of data from different operating systems.

•Consumer preferences are recorded so that enterprises can adjust and upgrade the menu accordingly.


There is need for centralized management and maintenance of multiple devices

•BlueSphere device management platform provides cloud access for the touch monitors so there is no need to worry about deployment and update of the devices.

•Real-time management, remote maintenance, and online troubleshooting of multiple devices are attainable.

•The devices could be locked down to certain images or videos to attract consumers.


■ Large-size guide screen

Large-size guide screens can display featured dishes or image/video carousels to promote the products and facilitate the product selling.




■ Electronic menu display

Consumers may have intuitive access to the food information, such as the highlights of the dishes, unit price, and other basic information.





■ Self-ordering kiosk

Self-ordering kiosks will save human cost, reduce the time of consumers waiting for the food to provide better dining experience for them.




image.png■ POS system

Consumers can get a brief information of the items consumed while checking out. Consumers can choose a more convenient payment method between card payment and mobile payment as supported by the checkout system.





■ Smart pickup locker

Smart pickup lockers provide an option to set a time for heat preservation so as not to compromise the food taste, and consumers don’t need to wait in store for the readiness of their orders. This optimizes the delivery efficiency, reduces human cost, and lowers error rate of food distribution.





image.png■ Back kitchen management system

 Chefs and cooks can access the real-time order information, like the dish variety in one order, packaging requirements, and total quantity of the orders. When combining with big data analysis, the operator will be able to generate different reports on consumer preference, price sensitivity, and so on to develop more popular dishes.




■ “Transparent back kitchen” system 

Consumers are able to monitor the compliance of back kitchen operations with large screens that display the working conditions of the back kitchen to improve their confidence in the food hygiene and safety of the catering enterprise.




■ Application Scenario



■ Benefits and Advantages

Our smart catering display solutions addressed current pain points of the industry and enhanced consumer confidence and reliability. With integration of big data analysis technology, catering enterprises can improve the dish variety and pricing on an ongoing basis. This contributes to the improvement of operational efficiency and reduction of product damage to maximize enterprise’ interests in the end.

■ About Vantron

Since 2002 established by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Vantron Technology has been a pioneer in connected IoT devices and IoT platform solutions. Today, Vantron serves countless customers all over the world, some of them are Fortune 500 companies. Products lines cover edge intelligent hardware, IoT communication devices, industrial displays and BlueSphere device management cloud platform.

Vantron has over 20 years of experience in R&D of embedded edge intelligent hardware like SOM board and motherboard, and provided users with various embedded solutions with ARM and X86 architecture, from Linux to Windows, from embedded to desktop level, from gateway to server. At the same time, we provide our users with system clipping, driver transplantation and other services.

Vantron industrial display systems, ARM and X86 series, are equipped with Rockchip, NXP, MediaTek, Intel and other high-performance processors. It supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android. Diverse wireless communications keep your device online all the time. Multiple installation methods make it suitable for a variety of application scenarios. Features like waterproof, dustproof, shatter resistant guarantee the best performance in any environment.

Vantron has been a solution provider of IoT Gateways for many years, having accumulated very rich experience in this field. The products support both wired and wireless communication accesses to make remote operation and maintenance possible. From electricity and transportation to smart retail, medical and warehousing, Vantron IoT communication device can be deployed anywhere in any business section. Up to now, Vantron‘s IoT Gateway solutions have helped many companies finish their digital transformation, significantly improved efficiency of manufacturing and productivities.

Vantron BlueSphere device management platform, a software product, is playing a big role in Vantron overall IoT solution. Today, Vantron puts more focus on offering complete cost effective, leading-edge yet reliable solutions to help customers carry out their visions.

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