Remote management

Vantron OS is developed by Vantron team based on Linux and embedded hardware, using modular design and plug-in expansion design ideas to realize independent development of system and function. Vantron OS uses Linux kernel with firewall function, and the device realizes a secure Internet connection without being attacked; the UI interface which is developed based on the MVC framework provides a simple and efficient setting entry. Vantron OS also realizes the connection with the MDM cloud management platform which developed by Vantron. It allows users to monitor, operate and diagnose remote devices without sending technical support engineer to the equipment site, to achieve the interconnection and interaction between users and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Quick start

Vantron OS provides a one-click network setting wizard and interface logic diagram, which clearly and intuitively reflects the device connection logic; the optimized setting interface truly simplifies the user configuration process.

Automatic route

Automatic route function, supports gateway main and standby line configuration, automatically switch to standby line in case of main line offline, and intelligently identify and restore network communication when the main line is restored, to ensure real-time online equipment.

High-speed cellular network

4G/LTE high-speed cellular network, through the Web UI, more detail connection information show for users at a glance, automatic heartbeat and network reconnection mechanism control cellular automatically recover if it is offline.

Web debugging UI

The Web-based debugging function simulates the HyperTerminal to get rid of the shackles of debugging cables, so that engineers can develop and debug directly on the web side, and the O&M engineer directly can implement the system's operation and maintenance on the web UI.

More functions

E.g. The bandwidth function monitoring,  monitoring online devices network resources usage more easier; custom scripts, app installation, etc., more powerful functions are waiting for you to discover.

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