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Application of Embedded Industrial Board in Self-Service Express Cabinet

With the rapid development of the Internet, the transaction volume of a series of online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Shopee has risen rapidly, and the express logistics industry has also followed the trend and started to flourish.

In the traditional express delivery industry, after the delivery person arrives at the express delivery address, he needs to contact the recipient in person to receive the package. If the recipient is not present or the call cannot be connected, then the express delivery cannot be completed. The self-service express cabinet using Vantron's VT-SBC-MX6 embedded board card perfectly solves these problems, which makes express delivery more orderly and efficient, and also greatly reduces the probability of wrong claims and packet loss. The methods of use of Vantron’s self-service express cabinet are as follows:

Fast delivery

The courier enters the account number and password to log in to the self-service courier service terminal, scans the shipment number and enters the recipient's mobile phone number, then selects the appropriate box according to the size of the shipment and puts the shipment into the box and closes it. The system automatically sends a text message to the recipient's mobile phone to notify the arrival of the shipment. The entire delivery operation does not exceed 50 seconds, which reduces the time for the courier to call and wait for the pickup, and also speeds up the delivery efficiency of the express delivery.

Self-service pickup

The recipient enters the mobile phone number and password to log in to the self-service courier cabinet, then the system automatically opens the grid box where the express is stored. Then the recipient removes the express and closes the grid box. The entire pickup operation usually does not exceed 20 seconds, and it is convenient for the recipient to pick up the shipment at any time.

Self mail

The sender logs into the self-service courier service terminal, enters the sender's information (including name, address, and mobile phone number) and the recipient's information (including name, address, and mobile phone number), and selects the type of mail (such as valuables) , Documents, dry food, etc.), weigh the items. The system automatically calculates the shipping fee. The sender pays the fee by cash or bank card, selects the box that is suitable for the size of the express, puts in the mail and closes the box. The whole delivery process is self-service, which is convenient and free at any time.


• HMI interface with touch points

• SMS notification

• Smart inbox opening

• Scanning and inputting the barcode of the single number on the express

• Overdue shipment processing

• Express box log management

• Network remote management

• Manage user background data connection

• Touch screen video surveillance

• Panoramic video surveillance

• Multiple express delivery companies sharing

Vantron's VT-SBC-MX6 embedded board has the characteristics of -4085 wide temperature, strong data processing capability, various IO interfaces, and high degree of customization. It meets all the technical requirements of self-service express cabinets. At the same time, it meets the requirements of customers for long supply cycles, stability and other requirements. Now Vantron has in-depth cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies in the industry.

VT-SBC-MX6 board features:

• Free scale, i.MX 6Q / D / S (800M / 1GHz), ARM Cortex-A9, 4-core / dual-core / single-core, low-power processor

• Onboard DDR3, capacity: 1GB (512MB optional)

• Onboard 2GB NAND flash memory, or 4GB eMMC V4.5

• Multi-display output: LCD, LVDS, HDMI

• 1xmicro-SD, 1xSATA

• 1x standard miniPCIe (including PCIe and USB signals), with SIM card slot

• 7-36V wide voltage input, low power consumption design

• Support embedded Linux, WinCE, and Android Operating System

• Support 2x digital camera (1x 240Mbps parallel, 1x 800Mbps serial)

• 4xUSB2.0

• 3xUART

• 1XRS232 (full function), 1XRS232 (2 lines, can be configured as RS422 / 485)

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