About Vantron

Established in 2002 by two Silicon Valley professionals, Vantron Technology is a leading provider of embedded computing, IoT (Internet of Things) gateways and routers, industrial tablets and multi-functional all-in-one display products, as well as software solutions to our OEM/ODM customers. Taking advantage of the fast growth of the embedded computer market and applications of IoT in nearly every field, Vantron has grown significantly year over year. Today, Vantron has a global footprint with customers in the US that are among the Fortune 500 companies. In addition to ready-to-run embedded computer systems and custom embedded system designs, Vantron can also assist in application software development to help you realize value from your data.    

Vantron offers both ARM and Intel X86 based single board computers in various industrial form factors. From that deep experience in embedded computing of nearly 20 years, Vantron now offers a complete family of IoT gateway and industrial router products, as well as industrial tablets and all-in-one multi-functional displays. Our customer engagement philosophy focuses on developing a long term, win-win relationship with our customers by providing a high degree of customization with a reasonable upfront cost and reduced logistical barrier.  With our track record of successfully delivering tens of thousands of products in diverse industry verticals, Vantron is your one-stop-shop for all your custom embedded and display product needs. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you achieve your project goals.  Vantron – Embedded In Your Success.