Smart Logistics: Intelligent Warehousing Solutions

This example project features Vantron’s gateways connected to intelligent storage cabinets, robotic arms, automated guided vehicles, and other devices through a wide implementation of connectivity routes:  Ethernet, serial, and WiFi.  Vantron’s gateway provides real-time, two-way communication between the devices and a cloud platform for data uplink as well as command and control downlink.

The connected devices upload device status and inventory information to the management cloud platform for real-time tracking and data analytics.  Through cloud connection to ERP and MES systems, warehouse management and storage efficiency are greatly improved, while insuring inventory traceability.


Featured Product:

IoT Gateway VT-M2M-C335

Vantron’s VT-M2M-C335 is an ARM-based gateway product specifically designed for industrial IoT data acquisition-intensive applications with features such as low power, multiple serial ports, and various industrial communication protocols.


◆ TI AM335x Cortex-A8 low power CPU

◆ Built-in 4G communication module; optional LoRa module

◆ Available Ports:  4x RS485, 2x 100base T, USB, CAN, GPIO, SPI

◆ Support -40 °C~ + 85 °C industrial temperature, 10-year product availability

◆ Guide rail installation

◆ Support Linux operating system, remote management and remote update