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Vantron VT-M2M-L335 is an extremely low-power, configurable, and programmable gateway specifically designed for IOT applications. Support low power management, can store 30 days with no power input.

Based on an industrial ARM Cortex-A8 processor, this device provides various wireless supports including GPRS/4G cellular, WLAN, GPS, ZigBee, Lora and BT. This device supports interface I/O including one Ethernet, RS-232/485, USB, and GPIOs. In addition, it also supports internal battery operation and can be powered by a solar panel.

This device has the IP65 protection (Optional IP67) and a wide-range power supply input (4-36V) and runs Linux. The SDK is available.

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Processor TI Cortex-A8 AM3352/3354/3358 low power processor
Flash 16GB EMMC
Storage 1xSDCard Slot

Wireless Communication

Cellular Optional GPRS/4G Module, or NB-IOT Module
WLAN Optional 802.11 b/g/n WLAN with Bluetooth 4.0
ZigBee/LoRa Optional ZigBee or LORA module
GPS uBlox: NEO-6M, supportGPS
Satellite (Optional) Optional support Iridium Satellite Modem based on NAL: 9603-I or others (Actived by customer)
Antenna Internal antennas, Support external antenna by different cable & enclosure


Ethernet Optional 1x10/100Base-T(in M12interface)
USB Optional 1xUSB Host(in M12 interface)
Accelerometer Freescale: MMA8451(internal M3SOC support)

TEMP: TI:TMP112, +/- 0.5°C, Humidity: SHT30 +/-2%RH,+/-0.2°C, Light: ISL290231ROZ-T7 (Internal M3 SOC support)

RTC Supported
LED Status LED (Charging / Alive / Report / Status)
COM Port 1xRS232in 3.5mm Audio Port (for Debug),Optional 1xRS232 isolated 1xRS485 isolated1xCAN 2.0b(in M12 interface)
GPIOs (Optional) 1xGPIO IN (with transient protection), Option 4xGPIO IN 1xRelay Output, Drive >8A/220VAC, optional 3x Relay
Analogs (Optional) 1 or 2xAnalog Input, 12bit, support 4-20mA or 0-5V Input, High input impedance, with Transient protection


OS Linux
Applications Support


DC Input DC 5V/12V/24V/36V/48V (4-56V), Support Solar Charging
Battery Internal Batterywith IP67 protection, 3.7V, 11800 mAh
Consumption Ultra-Low Consumption ,Max 5W, 100μA Idle Without Solar Input can work 1 week, once report a day


Dimensions 160(L) x 118(W) x 53(H) 
Enclosure Black Plastic Box, IP67 Optional Spec (J1455 (Cab/Chassis Mount), Chemical Resistance, UV Resistant, Gravel Bombardment)
Mounting Optional DIN method, or Magnetic mount method, or with Mounting Bolts / Zip Tie

Environment Condition

Temperature Operating:-40°C~+85°C (Lower temperature battery may reduce the capacitance) Storage: -20°C ~ +70°C, (ETR:-40°C ~ +85°C Optional)
Humidity 5-95%RH at 25-35 (Non-Condensation)
Cooling Mode Fan less