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XOS is a proprietary operating system developed at Vantron based on a Linux kernel specially designed to accommodate and enhance embedded hardware.  The flexible operating system is architected with a modular and expandable design to easily enhance system functionality.

Ease of Use


XOS provides a one-click network setting wizard and interface logic diagram which clearly and intuitively reflects the device connection logic and greatly simplifies the user configuration process.


Automatic Failover


Automatic failover function supports both main and standby line configurations to automatically switch to standby line in case of main line disconnection, and intelligently identifies and restores network communication when the main line is restored. 


High-speed Cellular Network


With a 4G/LTE high-speed cellular modem, XOS provides automatic heartbeat, automatic failover, and re-connect.  Via the Web UI, detailed user connection information can be viewed at a glance.


Web Debugging UI


The Web-based debugging function simulates HyperTerminal to eliminate the need for debug cables. Support personnel can develop and debug directly over a browser, and also provides direct access for OEM suppliers to directly implement the system's operation and maintenance.


Other Functions


XOS also provides bandwidth monitoring and detailed devices network resources usage.  XOS can also support custom scripts and can provide APIs for customer application integration.